February 8, 2020

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Discovering Dollars

This week I found a $50.00 bill in my sock drawer! It is creepy how money can hide from you! Here is an item for your to-do list. Open every drawer, in fact, open everything in your store that can hold product. You are about to discover some saleable items. Start with the drawers and storage departments under your greeting card racks. Good luck with your hunt.

Time to go backwards.

We all get into a routine. OTC buyers order products by working on one side of the store and making their way to the opposite end. It’s funny, but as soon as you think you are running out of time, you start to go faster, and that is why items at the end of the walk get overlooked. Today, and from now on, one day of the week, lets’ pick Thursday, review your inventory by going in reverse. Those of you who have auto-replenishment are not off the hook. Stolen items, misplaced items, and miss-scanned items never get reorders. Start this Thursday to review and reorder missing items.

Something viral is going on

If you haven’t already, as soon as possible, create at least one end cap with signage that includes disposable gloves, no less than 3 sizes of tissues, no less than 2 sizes of hand sanitizers, thermometers and disinfecting wipes. Smaller stores start with 24’s; larger stores start with 48’s. Do it now before the wholesaler runs out. Very few of these items if any, have an expiration date on them.

Let’s take this outside.

You are a merchandiser; from the outside, how does the front of the store look? Does it reflect how nice you have the inside of your store looking? What kind of first impression is the exterior making? I will make it easy for you, write two things down that can be improved. Once you get those two projects done, you can look for two more.

Don’t do it!

Unless you are thinking of never ever selling Valentines' candy again, do not discount your candy early! The moment you discount before the holiday is the moment that you teach your customers to wait for a sale and your Valentine sales will suffer forever. Sale starts on Sunday the 16th, not a moment before. By the way, if you marked your candy up by 40% and then have a 50% off sale, say goodbye to a bunch of your profit. Make sure to read page 17 in my new tip book to keep track of your sales and profit. You don’t want your sales to suffer forever, do you?

Front End Resources for NCPA Members

Being a member of NCPA means you have access to a treasure trove of helpful hints, tips, and resources to make your front end more profitable! Download One-Pager Tips on a variety of topics. Gabe typically posts a tip once or twice a day on his Twitter account — if you're on Twitter, give him a follow at @NCPAGabe. You can also find tips in Gabe's monthly column in America's Pharmacist. The Overhaul of Fame galleries contain hundreds of photos to inspire you, from effective signs to successful end-caps and everything in between. Finally, you and your staff can access several staff training videos that will help you take an objective view of your store, both inside and out!

This wealth of knowledge is due to the fantastic photos, ideas, and suggestions we receive every day from NCPA members like you. Drop him a line at gabe.trahan@ncpanet.org with your questions, photos, best advice, and recommendations. What's selling well in your store? Let us know.

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