June 3, 2023

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Products shouldn't become old friends

Does a particular pair of sunglasses catch your eye each time you walk by your display rack? If so, it has probably been around too long and perhaps it is better suited to be in your Halloween costume offering in the Fall. People clearly don't want to buy that pair and unattractive sunglasses won't sell even if you cut the price in half. If Halloween isn't an option, consider donating them, but don't give them a forever home.

Flag this for follow-up

We always suggest folks look at the outside of their store with fresh eyes. Flag Day is June 14th every year. A nice new crisp American Flag would be an excellent addition for curbside appeal. People passing by your store will appreciate seeing Old Glory. The new flag will come in real handy for a grand 4th of July celebration.

The universal gift

June is a popular month for hosting many graduations... weddings and anniversaries, too. Make it easy for customers to find your money gift cards. There is no doubt that prepaid gift cards will be a hot commodity; however, there is still a generation who will want to send a personal check.


Overly hygienic?

In the month of June, merchandisers are asked to update the Feminine Hygiene department. There are items in Feminine Hygiene that are shipped only by case, forcing you to either crowd the shelves or place overstock elsewhere. If this happens to you, consider choosing a smaller planogram size while maintaining the same shelf space. Note: Feminine Hygiene is a highly price-sensitive category. Check with your wholesaler to see what options you have to be more competitive in this Feminine Hygiene category.

For you Dad

Whether you are promoting health-related gifts or coffee mugs for Father's Day, you need to refresh your displays; relocating them would be even better. Set a schedule to devote 45 minutes to add a sparkle to your gift department, and that doesn't mean having a sale. Display 1lb box chocolates closer to the greeting cards section. Tip: Some 1lb box chocolates slip in nicely vertically in a greeting card pocket. In the last days before the holiday, straighten the card section at 10 am, 2 pm, and 4 pm. Today, click here to download the free Father's Day Sales Worksheet.

For the travelers among us

People are flying, cruising, and vacationing. Where there is travel, there will be some motion sickness. Motion sickness remedies will soon be a hot commodity. Build your summer travel end-cap with sun care, and don't forget to cross merchandise motion sickness remedies and lip balms.

Ownership Workshop

Attention all pharmacists!

Join us at NCPA's Pharmacy Ownership Workshop in the action-packed city of Las Vegas, June 21-22. This popular workshop will enhance entrepreneurial skills, offer expert strategies, and provide opportunities to network with industry leaders.

pharmacy This sure bet will take your pharmacy to the next level

Don't miss out on this opportunity — register to join us by June 13.

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