December 3, 2022

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Designs for Health

Finding your holiday spirit

If you are in the everyday card and wrap business but have little or no holiday gift wrapping accessories, then it's time to go on a hunt. Search your everyday inventory for all red, green, silver, and white bows. You may find them near the wedding and anniversary sections. Feature these bows as holiday bows. You will want to make sure to have wrapping tape nearby as well. Remember, the day after Christmas, the bows and tape do not need to go on sale. (The color scheme also works for jar, votive, and pillar candles.)

Dress up your merchandise for the holidays

If you have fragrances, perfumes, or aftershave that retail for $10.00 or more, take one out of the box for show and wrap the others for a quick sale. If you have plush animals that are slow in sales, decorate them with red or green ribbon. If you have white, green, red, and or silver candles that are not selling, merchandise them as a group and place a sign that reads "Light your home with the colors of the holidays."

Create a Stocking Stuffers Headquarters

Get creative and use an endcap as your "Stocking Stuffers Headquarters." Your goal is to feature no more than six different items on the endcap. That means each item may have its own shelf. You will need sufficient inventory to make this rock! Leave room for a 5" by 7" sign with a holiday image for each item. Each item obviously needs to fit into a Christmas stocking. Your choices can be anything from compression socks to CBD. It is important that you keep the item count to 6 different items.

Too many to choose

Having a hard time picking the 6 items for your Stocking Stuffers Headquarters? That's okay! Just create some business card size signs with the words "Stocking Stuffer," and place the signs near anything that can fit inside of a sock. Add signs near CBD, full-size candy bars, socks for those with diabetes, compression socks, body washes, reading & sunglasses, sunscreen, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, nail clippers, moisturizers, lip balm, aftershave, markers, pens, crayons, baby teething rings, travel size OTC products, multiple types of vitamins, immune boosters, massage oils, soap bars, hand crème, smoking cessation tools, hand sanitizer, masks, cotton rounds, and money gift cards. Take down the signs on 12/26/2022 and save them for next year.

Sign for the times

Here is how you can sell more CBD; it's simple. Create a sign that says "The Perfect Stocking Stuffer" add a photo of someone in a red suit, and you've got yourself a great sign. Now here is where you can learn more about CBD. The more you learn, the more you sell.

Decorating Inspiration

Check out NCPA's Front-End Hall of Fame seasonal section for ideas on how you can transform your pharmacy into a Holiday Shoppe and healthcare destination. And while you're on the website, don't forget to download the Christmas worksheet to help you prepare for next year now.

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Designs for Health

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