November 5, 2022

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Ten More Profit Makers Tips

When we asked our friend, Gabe Trahan, to give us ten tips to share with Profit Makers readers from his presentation at the NCPA Annual Convention in Kansas City, he actually gave us 20! So here are ten extra tips from Gabe:

  1. Picture frames make a quick solution where there is no sign holder to be had.

  2. Brochures are a great way to offer additional information on a product or a service. Make brochures easy to find by investing in a few literature/brochure holders — this is sooo much better than laying the literature on a shelf.

  3. Merchandise by eye level. When there is no planogram available, place bigger ticket items in the center of your fixture at eye level. Less expensive items, no matter what size, belong on lower shelves. This is an especially good idea for seasonal displays.

  4. Speaking of eye level, signage explaining the benefits of a product line and/or props like leg mannequins are more important to place at eye level than the product!

  5. Slant a shelf at the bottom of your fixture to rest over the base shelf. Add shelf fencing and you have a perfect home for smaller hard to find items.

  6. Looking to install a shelf that isn't a traditional length? Install a cut to size closet shoe rack; some work best when installed upside down. The shoe racks work well to display candy!

  7. Buy a subscription to a web base provider of royalty-free photos and images or use Microsoft's stock photos to add interest to your signage.

  8. If you are in the wearable compression business, you need two measuring tapes for each employee to use for measuring ankles etc. Two each because most people misplace the first one by noon the day they get it.

  9. A little ribbon can go a long way. Grab some gold, silver, bright red, or white ribbon and add it to just about anything and you now have added perceived value. Ribbon used to tie up rolled up t-shirts and sweatshirts works great.

  10. My good friend Ray taught me how to sell bad wine. He stuck a gold bow on each bottle. He ended up reordering the wine. A bow works well on wine and...DME.

To see examples of these tips in action, check out our Front-end Overhaul of Fame Photo Galleries. If you missed the first ten tips, you can read last month's Profit Makers issue here.

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Designs for Health

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