June 12, 2021

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Lost sales are over there

"If we have any, they would be over there." That is what the manager of the family-owned hardware store told me while looking one way and pointing at another. I know that he was the manager because his name tag said manager instead of his name. I was looking for a wall clock. 10 minutes later, I said, "Well, I didn't find any clocksThank you for your help." Waisted sarcasm. Now, my only choice was Wal-Mart. At the big box store, I asked Jill, that was the name on the name tag, if she knew if they carried wall clocks. "Sure, follow me." The hardware store owner often writes in the local paper about Wal-Mart putting him out of business. I think Jill is putting him out of business. Merchandisers, you do your job very well, don't let a "pointer" crush your success.

Thanks Dad

Six selling days left before Father's Day. Seven if you are open on Sundays. Regardless of if you are promoting health-related gifts or coffee mugs for Father's Day, you need to refresh your displays; relocating them would be even better. Set a schedule on June 15th to devote 45 minutes to add a sparkle to your gift department, and that doesn't mean having a sale. On the 16th, display 1lb box chocolates closer to the greeting cards section. Tip: Some 1lb box chocolates slip in nicely vertically in a greeting card pocket. On The 17th, 18th, and 19th, straighten the card section at 10 am, 2 pm, and 4 pm.

Today, click here to download the Free Father's Day Sales Worksheet.

Saying goodbye when it's time

On June 2, 2021, the Office Depot store in Birmingham marked down their 16.9oz hand sanitizer to 10 cents a bottle. I am guessing they had tons of it. Management must have done either an "unbiased inventory assessment" proving an undeniable overstock situation or provided a date range report of an obvious slowdown in sales, then saw the writing on the wall. That takes guts. Merchandisers, are you hanging on to gift collectibles or premium insoles, or never heard of supplement thinking it is still selling well when data shouts the opposite? Mark June 23rd on your calendar to do a serious look at a line you have been hanging on and have the numbers speak the truth.

Haven't moved like this for a while

Masks are coming off, and traveling is picking up. Available flights, cruises, and more and more vacation destinations are opening up. Where there is travel, there will be some motion sickness. Motion sickness remedies will soon be a hot commodity. Build your summer travel end-cap with sun care, and don't forget to cross merchandise motion sickness remedies and lip balms.

Are you still here?

Ask yourself if a pair of $14.99 sunglasses have been on the display rack for a very long time. The reason they are still hanging around is, well, they are ugly. Would they be less unattractive if you reduced them to $7.00 and put them in a clearance basket? The answer is no. Save the not attractive sunglasses for Halloween sales or donate them, but don't give them a forever home.

I just want to see some people

Networking and seeing what is new has always been my priority for attending a trade show or convention. It's been way too long since I have been to one. I can't wait. I do hope I will see you at the NCPA 2021 Annual Convention from Oct. 9-12 in Charlotte. Thank you for being a member of NCPA!

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