November 19, 2016

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Items You Can Promote For Christmas Without Having to Discount Post-Holiday

Think you don't have holiday items to sell in your store this Christmas? Think again. Everyday health, personal care products, and even candy can become stocking stuffers, gift wrapping accessories, or gifts with just a simple sign or bow. Check out the newest quick tip from NCPA senior director of store operations and marketing Gabe Trahan for a list of ideas...and get your store ready now!

Promote Small Business Saturday Nov. 26—Download Free Images from NCPA

Small Business Saturday was founded six years ago to help small businesses get more exposure during one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year—Thanksgiving weekend. NCPA has created free social media images (login required) to help small business community pharmacies get the most out of Small Business Saturday Nov. 26 and encourage individuals to shop small and shop local.

NCPA's Front-End Marketplace is a single web platform where you can shop for unique items to differentiate your pharmacy.  Each product has expert tips on marketing, merchandising and pricing, and special deals have been negotiated for most of these items to get you great products at great prices.

African American Expressions
A full line of greeting cards, beautifully designed calendars and other products to reach out to a growing market.

Celeste Stein Designs Inc.
Fashion meets medical—therapeutic compression hosiery designed to improve circulation with graduated compression, giving your patients legs the relief they need while traveling, working, walking or just sitting.

Annie Oakley
Award willing perfume made in America, Annie Oakley fragrances bring year-round sales to your store and create excitement with its innovative products and themes.

ELON offers a variety of unique products including hair care, nail care, nutritional supplements, and skin care that dermatologists and podiatrists recommend to their patients on a daily basis.

Bookmark / Favorite and visit regularly.

New products added frequently!

High quality, latex-free sterile adhesive bandages that include 10 each of the three most common skin tones of people of color.

Emerson Ecologics
Premier resource for professional-grade nutritional supplements for the pharmacy. Emerson offers thousands of products from nearly 300 of the world’s top brands to offer a single source for all a professional’s needs.

Highest quality bioceuticals to support overall health and wellness.

Skin Care Queens
High-quality skin care crafted with USDA-certified organic ingredients. Skin Care Queens has quality beauty products from basic to highly sophisticated anti-aging creams.

* Great Daily Guide Available from NCPA *

More Profits for Your Front End in 2017

Don't forget to treat your pharmacy this holiday season with the 2017 Daily Pharmacy Planning Guide, now available for purchase in the NCPA Bookstore. The guide includes 365+ tips on timely front-end department advice, merchandising, and much more. Plus, Guide owners can participate in FREE quarterly webinars on how to use the Guide effectively, as well as seasonal merchandising and marketing ideas. Order now before copies sell out at or 1-800-544-7447.

* Know Your Customer from Drug Store News *

Survey: Moms Sweat Their Child's Fever More Than Any Other Symptom

Three out of four gen X and millennial moms list fever as their No. 1 concern when caring for their sick children. A Braun survey also found that moms ride an emotional rollercoaster when it comes to caring for their sick child, regardless of their age and experience, at first feeling nervous (64%), anxious (64%) and protective (93%) prior to taking their temperature. Read more...

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This wealth of knowledge is due to the fantastic photos, ideas, and suggestions we receive every day from NCPA members like you. Drop him a line at with your questions, photos, best advice, and recommendations. What's selling well in your store? Let us know.

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