October 6, 2018

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* TIPS From NCPA's Front-End Guru, Gabe Trahan *

Get ready for stocking stuffer shoppers

At trades show or when shopping Frontendmarketplace.com, think stocking stuffers! There are many types of stocking stuffers, candy, any gift that fits in a stocking, personal care products like a toothbrush or a lip balm essential oils, and health-related items. Yes, vitamins and compression stockings are great stocking stuffers. Even the smallest front-end has at least 25 stocking stuffers. BTW, stocking stuffers do not have to be discounted the day after Christmas! YAY!

Dare to sell fashion

Colder months bring on more request for compression socks. Be daring and bring in bright colors and patterns. Black, brown & navy can be found most anywhere, bring fashion into your selection, and you will sell multiple pairs.

Got space? Go natural

Many people will be inspired to adjust their OTC departments sizes; some larger and others smaller. When going smaller the big question is "What do I put in the empty space?" Answer; think all natural products. Good news is, NCPA is going to help you find some.

Gabe prefers the right

Here are some basic steps in promoting your private label. First, do not refer to it as a generic instead call it your preferred brand. Always double face your preferred brand. Merchandise it to the right of the brand. Keep one 4ft shelf stocked with your best-selling preferred brand items behind the drop-off counter for an easy recommendation.

Get customers to BRB with BRB

Start placing big red bows on your lift chairs! Feature lift chairs on your Facebook and web pages. Sign idea "This Christmas give Dad the best seat in the house." Same sign for Moms! Instead of running a sale on the chairs, offer free delivery. Add to your sign: Free Delivery and Setup! Big Red Bows will help your customers Be Right Back.

Don't be shy, nominate your store for a NICE Award

It is time to get nominations in for the 2019 NICE Awards. Which of these categories is the one for something special you've done this year?

  • Best External Remodel – From landscaping and paint jobs to entire rebuilds, how did you improve your curb appeal?

  • Best Internal Remodel – Maybe you moved the pharmacy department. Maybe you created a compression section. Whatever your remodel project, how did it enhance your image and sales?

  • Best In-Store Display – When done right, end-caps are the 2nd best section for creating impulse sales. Show us the display your customers couldn't resist.

  • Best Exterior Sign – Roadside signs draw attention to your store. Have a new one you're proud of? Enter it to see if it's the best of the best.

  • Best Delivery Vehicle – Are you riding in style? Toot your own horn and show off your delivery vehicle.

  • Best Marketing/Promotion – How did you attract new customers in your community? Tell us about the great promotion you ran that you want to tell everyone else about.

  • Best Customer Convenience Improvement – Americans love convenience. We take hard processes and make them simpler, such as curbside delivery, drive-up windows and automatic doors for patients who have trouble walking into the pharmacy. Do you have a great example of how you've made life easier for your customers?

Nominate your store this year... winners will be featured in the March 2019 America's Pharmacist magazine... click here to get the details!

* Front-End Marketplace Vendor of the Month *

Great Deal on a Great Starter Kit from ELON

Be the hero for your patients battling splitting, cracking and brittle nails by stocking ELON's unique line of nail care & hair products. Order today – ELON COMPLETE Nail & Hair Starter Kit with free shipping. This kit, priced at $180 (regularly $242), includes everything you need – free samples, brochures, displays and a free referral network from dermatologists and podiatrists across the U.S. Great products, including stocking stuffer ideas can be found on NCPA's frontendmarketplace.com.

* More from Hamacher Resource Group *

Increasing the Market Basket – Digestive Health

Do you have space available in your Digestive Health department? Consider adding items from other categories to encourage impulse purchases and boost sales!

Hamacher Resource Group Publishes Semiannual Update to its Fine Line Classification System

Hamacher Resource Group, Inc. (HRG) has completed its semiannual update of its Fine Line classification system for health, beauty, and wellness (HBW), home health care (HHC), and general merchandise (GM) products with notable adjustments to reflect industry changes. The September 2018 updates include extensive modifications which support the Fine Lines mission of increasing reporting capabilities and supporting merchandising strategies. Among the categories affected are: Diabetes Care, First Aid, and Batteries. Read more...

Front End Resources for NCPA Members

Being a member of NCPA means you have access to a treasure trove of helpful hints, tips, and resources to make your front end more profitable! Download One-Pager Tips on a variety of topics. Gabe typically posts a tip once or twice a day on his Twitter account — if you're on Twitter, give him a follow at @NCPAGabe. You can also find tips in Gabe's monthly column in America's Pharmacist. The Overhaul of Fame galleries contain hundreds of photos to inspire you, from effective signs to successful end-caps and everything in between. Finally, you and your staff can access several staff training videos that will help you take an objective view of your store, both inside and out!

This wealth of knowledge is due to the fantastic photos, ideas, and suggestions we receive every day from NCPA members like you. Drop him a line at gabe.trahan@ncpanet.org with your questions, photos, best advice, and recommendations. What's selling well in your store? Let us know.

"Profit Makers" is produced by NCPA in collaboration with Drug Store News

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