May 19, 2018

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* TIPS From NCPA's Front-End Guru, Gabe Trahan *

Better to have it and not need it than to itch for it and not have it.

May is a popular month to review and reset the first aid section. Tweak your planogram to create additional room for sunburn treatments, poison ivy/oak remedies and tick removal tools for pets and humans. There is a noticeable upswing in interest for more locally produced remedies and all-natural, organic approaches for treating damaged skin. When it comes to poison ivy/oak check your inventory for the somewhat pricey but effective Zanfel product, along with an ample supply of the generic to the brand. Do your customers a favor by making the Zanfel types of products easier to locate than the generic calamine lotion. The product categories mentioned in this tip also lend themselves to be crossed merchandised on or near pick-up, drop-off, and cash counters. A timely theme for an end-cap would be a "Skin Repair center" merchandised with dry skin and insect bite treatment and sunburn relief. Adding a power wing/sidekick display with tick remover tools would complete the display.

Refill! Do not throw away!

Cardboard displays have always been thought of as a display option that when the product has sold down to a few pieces, the display is discarded. Time to change that age-old habit! If the display did its job in attracting sales simply refill it with the product! (I know, it sounds like a no-brainer.) Write the following on the back of all counter and or successful floor displays: Do not throw away. Refill reordering from ________. The back of the display should have clear instructions on how to easily reorder to refill the winning display.

Social Media Tip

The more informative your website/facebook page becomes, the better chance that customers will continue to return to your sites. Post this tip on caring for seamless socks for sensitive skin and those with diabetes on your social media sites. (Quote with reference below.)

"It is generally recommended to wash your diabetic socks in warm water without bleach and tumble dry on warm as you would with your delicate under clothing items. Do not attempt to wash and dry the socks in high heat thinking that you can kill the bacteria easier this way. The heat will cause the fibers such as wool and spandex to lose their elasticity and ruin your socks. If you want to make the most out of your socks, hand wash and air dry the socks."

Do you care about foot care?

The month of May is a time when merchandisers will consider revitalizing the foot-care planogram. Foot care is more than insoles, powders, and creams. Without expanding the physical size of the department, look for space in creating room for cross-merchandising opportunities. Contact your therapeutic shoe supplier and request two single shoe counter displays. Place one display on the top shelf of the foot care department. Rotate the 2nd display between prescription and front counters. Add a small sign that reads "Comfort and Care for your Sole." Do not put retail prices on the sign. In the peg section create room for seamless socks for sensitive feet and those with diabetes as well as compression socks and stockings. If room allows, merchandise single and multi-packs of the socks. If you have a fixture that allows shelving to go higher than 54" you may have room for a shelf specifically for orthotic shoes, slippers, and sandals. Here is an idea for a header sign that can be placed above the foot care section: "Protect Your Feet and Provide Maximum Comfort".

* Front-End Marketplace Vendor of the Month *

Consider this great counter display of RockTape

Jump on a trend that is on an upswing! RockTape is the world’s best kinesiology tape used to treat sports and non-sports injuries, including shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee and back pain. Purchase the counter display; it will do the selling for you! No minimum amount required to place an order! Learn more and get merchandising tips here.

* Gift Show in Atlanta *

Free Hotel Night Offer Slipping Away

Add WOW to your front end, talk with NCPA's Gabe Trahan, AND enjoy a great perk of NCPA membership – one night's hotel stay for free! That's right ... NCPA members who attend the Atlanta International Gift Show (Gabe will be there July 11&12)… are eligible for one free night's stay, but you've got to claim your room by May 28. Morning huddles with other pharmacy owners, Gabe and superstar gift merchandiser/buyer Jonathan Oliver offer an opportunity to share great finds and insights. Attending the show is FREE, too.

* From Drug Store News and HRG: *

Rearranging furniture

Spring cleaning within a retail setting can be an important part of keeping store displays fresh and consumers and staff motivated. Rearranging the “furniture” provides the opportunity to enhance the overall layout, refresh fixtures and displays, and update the operation to enhance the shopping experience and bolster sales. Read more...

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